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Carine Bea is a wedding photographer based in London. We've optimised her WordPress website and migrated from Wedhosts to more powerful WordPress hosting in our infrastructure.
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Carine Bea is a wedding photographer based in London offering thoughtful and creative documentary wedding photography in London, the UK and overseas. Her popularity grows every day and her old hosting Wedhosts limits became a bottleneck for visitors and Carine. She asked us for help.

Website Migration

The most important step was to migrate her website from Wedhosts. Her old hosting limits became too low with time. Wedhosts offered only 2MB/s disk transfer limit; 1024 IOPS; and low CPU usage. We’ve noticed also that Wedhosts server is build built (their shared hosting is built on 8CPU machine with average load 2.5 CPU)

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We’ve migrated Carine’s website from Wedhosts to our infrastructure and she is using now our hosting plan with NVMe disks (30MB/s transfer soft limit). We’ve set flexible limit of 3 CPU usage (on demand 6 CPU) and IOPS 2048. Each machine built contains minimum 24 CPU’s and we have average load of 0.90. That gives plenty of resources for high-traffic clients websites.

Website Optimisation

carinebeaphotography before1 - How helped Carine Bea Photography before optimisation

We’ve provided full performance optimisation for WordPress. Total website size decreased from 6.83GB to 3.5GB without changing images quality. After that all images were manually optimised for speed (still keeping high quality) and we’ve added WebP format to serve website even faster. On we are using Litespeed Technology, so we’ve set proper caching for the website and turned on Redis cache for Carine’s website. Last step was to serve her website using the latest PHP version 7.4 – cherry on the top. Of course we did custom optimisation config for JS, CSS and images with exclusion list to don’t break the website. We’ve disabled Cloudflare. It’s an amazing tool but at this point our WordPress hosting performs better without CloudFlare. There are some areas to be improved, however Carine’s website is using not supported WordPress theme, so some technology tricks are not possible to apply. Final results below:

carinebeaphotography after1 - How helped Carine Bea Photography after optimisation


Since the switch to, Carine’s page load speed times are now 9x faster comparing to Wedhosts. We have also reduced the number of headaches like redirects, https, refreshing caches, backups, automatic image optimisations etc. It wouldn’t be possible to get fantastic page loading times with Carine’s old hosting. helps also to save money on hosting. Carine’s new WordPress hosting plan is cheaper than Wedhosts. We really understands clients and WordPress. That’s why we are here to help.

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