New Year surprise

2020 was a strange year. Every day we only heard about the coronavirus. We were hoping for a better tomorrow, for a return to normalcy. When will it happen? We don’t know, but we used the time we were in a vacuum. We have some new products for you, already implemented and some that will see the light daily in a moment. So, let’s summarize 2020 and deal with the new year.

Goodbye 2020

Despite the global pandemic, we continued to operate. We took care of you, just like every other year. We will summarize it briefly. A year is 525,949 minutes. And the availability of our services in 2020 was 525,926 minutes. We had a system change and restart planned. It lasted for 23 minutes. As a result, we achieved record availability of 99.995627%. Precisely?

In November 2020, we started testing new machines in various locations. We have built a service with high availability for everyone who wants their website to load in the blink of an eye throughout Europe and the UK (oh this Brexit).

Hosting in 2021

The day before Christmas, we finished testing the EU service. We already have the first great working websites on these servers. Time for yours to join.

New Hosting Plans

After a year of big investments, we got an increase in hosting plans. But we also lowered the prices! Sounds weird right? Well, the prices of hosting plans in the UK have gone down: SOLO from £185 to £149; TEAM from £225 to £190; PRO from £295 to £250. Despite lower price we kept all resources on the same level!

Hosting plans in Poland have a slightly higher price: SOLO from PLN 350 to PLN 399; TEAM from PLN 500 to PLN 549; PRO unchanged. This price increase also means an increase in CPU, RAM and process resources.

EU & UK hosting – perfect for WordPress

This is a unique hosting configuration. You can choose from five plans with the option of monthly or annual payment.

best litespeed hosting eu uk - New Year surprise

We hope you will like them and decide to take advantage of the amazing performance and speed up your WordPress site on our hosting.

Our new website

We said goodbye to our favourite Uncode theme. Its place was taken by a new theme without a page builder – Blocksy. We simplified the page. We got rid of “stupidity”. We still have a lot to do. We are working on the Knowledge Base – a place on the website that will be very helpful for users. We will place there text and video guides based on the functions most often used by users and solutions to the most frequently asked questions to technical support. We also launch a newsletter in which we will send updates and notifications about new blog entries. These two solutions will eventually replace the Facebook group.

Begin 2021 with a discount

Getting started is the most important part of the job! We want your start to be successful, so we have prepared discount coupons for you

20% discount for WordPress Business and WordPress Deluxe plans – use 20EU21 coupon.

10% discount for Hosting plans in Poland and in the UK – use the START10 coupon

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